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Air Jordans

Air Jordan’s are one of the most famous lines of shoes in the world. They revolutionized the way basketball footwear was designed and for more than twenty years, they have been continuously exceeding expectations and their demand increases every year. These legendary shoes are timeless and precious. However, it wasn’t overnight that these shoes became what they are today.... Nike spent years trying to design the ‘ultimate basketball shoe’ and during this time, they had both great success and some ‘not-so-successful’ results. Through their constant drive to be the ‘leader’, Nike constructed a new line of shoe that revolutionized basketball shoes to a more efficient footwear that is perfectly designed for the sport. Geared with the advanced technology “Oxygen”, Nike footwear has been constructed with a layer of energy trapped within the bed of the shoe. They chose rookie Michael Jordan to become the face for their brand. Nike was then represented by a particularly energetic athletic talent on the planet and now Michael Jordan is known as a legendary basketball player that will live forever through his unrivaled skills in basketball.

As Michael Jordan made his name in the NBA court, he also became a cultural symbol as he endorses one of Nike’s most competitive products, the Air Jordan. It features a unique style and charisma of being the top line of basketball shoes. Since then, basketball players all around the world of all ages want to have a pair of Air Jordans. This made the extreme popularity of Air Jordans to be recognized all throughout the world. People who are avid fans of Michael Jordan and even other sports enthusiasts, celebrities, sneakers collectors and even musicians loved to wear the famous Air Jordan for any occasion. It is believed that if you wear Air Jordan shoes, you are making a statement and you are also wearing the world’s most exquisite and splendid unrivaled brand of shoes of all time.

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